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 Lansing 80 Windows 

No window more beautifully exemplifies the superior quality of Lansing windows than does the Series 80. With its beveled mainframe styling and handsome brick mold appearance, it's hard to believe this is a vinyl window. The Series 80 - choose it for its superior energy efficiency and durability, but appreciate it for its elegance.

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Series 80 Features:

1.     Beveled mainframe offers a true brick mold appearance

2.     Aluminum-reinforced, multicavity construction provides additional thermal performance and structural integrity.

3.     7/8" insulated glass. U-channel spacer with "warm edge" keeps heat and cold from traveling through panes

4.     7/8" insulated glass provides optimum thermal performance in any climate

5.     Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength, boost thermal performance

6.     Self-latching, push - button camlock provides enhanced security

7.     Constant force coil balance permits easy sash movement

8.     Sloped sill reduces air infiltration and allows for easy water runoff

9.     Rounded sashes create additional interior beauty

10.   Interlocking sashes keep out drafts

11.   Rubber bulb seal helps block outside air

12.   Heavy-duty, push button night latches provide optimum ventilation

13.   Full-screen with strong extruded aluminum frame

14.   Dual-fin weather stripping further reduces air infiltration

15.   Integrated, slim line lift rail allows for smooth sash operation


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