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Please join Angie's List to see the more-than-seven pages of reviews showing the highest rating provided by Angie's List - A!  We have earned an exemplary award in siding, but received an "a" in every single category.
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Darbara Szalay
Waterford, VA

Phase 2 of our project was exactly what we expected from Rick and Tom Hanger Home Improvements.   (You might have read our previous review for Phase 1 of our 1744 Historic Home remodel).  After Phase 1 was completed, we were so happy with the work that Rick and his team did, that we added 5 additional windows to the Phase 2 list.  In addition to the new windows, the team came out and replaced all the old siding (mis-matched and rotten) with the new, Hardie board siding.  Rick had tons of great suggestions for our home - including using and additional color (not just white) for our siding.  His team was great during the week that they worked on the house, the site was clean and maintained and everything was done to perfection.  I added some additional requirements during the week - including adding boxes for lights besides the new doors, the guys were totally flexible.  Ricks sent me daily updates that included pictures which was great since my husband and I were both at work during the project.  The crew also replaced some German siding on our dormers - as Rick said - "since we're already up there, if you have some extra siding we can fix what is missing."  Totally above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion.  Phase 2 was another great experience, we are one to Phase 3 this month!

Chris Kopf
Manassas, VA

Tom Hanger stood out on Angie's List, so I contacted them first and Rick came out to give me a quote within a day.  Rick heads the company, and the only thing he said to me that turned out wrong was that I should obtain other quotes for the work.  My wife and I decided to get five additional itemized quotes for this work; then rightly chose number one - Tom Hanger.   They were by far the most knowledgeable, and extremely affordable considering the scope of the work.  None of the other contractors demonstrated that they were experts with the Hardie product at this level.  

The method used for window installation is the same as when a new house is constructed, not the method where they cut out the old window flange to shove in the replacement.  Rick went out of his way to make sure we were happy with every step.  

Rick visited the project frequently, so I saw or spoke to him multiple times each day.  He always returned my calls and even texted me pictures one day he knew I was not at home.  Caleb reports to Rick.  Caleb is an amazing force of nature.  Also, each of the company's workers is hard-working, skilled, and trustworthy.  

With Rick and Tom Hanger, I knew I was never dealing with salesman.  I was dealing with an experienced contracting veteran who is an expert in Hardie.  Being honest with him about the investment I wanted to make in my home let him create the most economical plan for me.  The results will be worth every penny down the road.

Shawn Lucas
Front Royal, VA

Having dealt with Tom Hanger Home Improvement for our recent work, I can honestly and happily say that they possess these qualities and more.  I'd come to Angie's List to fins some potential contractors to discuss a window replacement as well as some gutter and fascia/soffit wrapping that was long overdue.  The first company I called was Tom Hanger.  Rick was extremely diligent about getting back to me and came out the following day to evaluate my home.

Rick sat down with me and explained not only his corporate philosophy, but his company background (Why a guy named Rick owns a company called “Tom Hanger,” for example)  and detailed descriptions on each of the vendors products they represent.  After our conversation and a few short measurements he was back in the truck and within an hour I had a quote in my email inbox.  Seriously, it was that fast.

Here’s where they really set themselves apart.  Rick was the first person I’d spoken to about my home improvement project.  Could he really have the best product, solution, total pricing, and service of all the contractors available to me?  I never get that lucky.  So, I decided it was a prudent maneuver to get a second opinion.  Or, seven second opinions.

I’d told myself I’d only talk to three contractors.  Unfortunately I spoke to SEVEN other contractors who, for varying reasons and to varying degrees, only served to solidify the fact that Tom Hanger Home Improvement was the clear choice for my project.  From missed appointments to cocky salespeople, from astronomical prices for features that seemed as fictional as a Power Ranger to having my intelligence insulted…Rick’s competition makes him look GOOD.  The kicker is, though, he doesn’t need them to look good, his company stands alone at the top of the heap.

I called Rick to invite him out to get started and sign a contract, pick up a check, the usual.  He called me back and we went over the estimate for…30 seconds.  I said I wanted to proceed and he said “Great!”   No fuss, no muss, just a couple gentlemen agreeing to do business.  And do business they did.

One week ( ONE WEEK!?) later the window crew showed up at my house ready to go at 7AM.  The windows were in within 3 hours, caulked, and the cleanup was under way.  The team was fast, professional, ENGLISH speaking, and courteous.  The horror stories other vendors had told (FUD slinging) had of course NOT come to pass, and if you didn’t notice my new windows you’d have no idea I even had a contractor there.  Seriously…impressed.

The following day the siding crew was there and ready to roll.  This project was significantly harder since they were wrapping each and every piece of trim on my house.  No more painting!  Tom Hanger Home Improvement represents a unique line of trim wrap that REALLY sets the house apart.  Both of my neighbors had their trim wrapped previously and one of them is considering tearing it OFF to have Tom Hanger come do his.  It’s that distinctive.  

Both crews were tremendous, really…truly, words in this case fail to do them justice.  Excellent craftsmanship coupled with professionalism and friendly employees amount to a formula for success, and they really have it mastered.

My neighbors constantly stop by my house to tell me how good it looks and ask who performed the service. 

My house went from “in need of love” to popping out and looking like loving homeowners live there as opposed to squatting homeless.  I have Rick and his crew to thank.

The price for these services, incidentally, was the lowest of the bids I received.  I struggled with the possibility that corners were going to be cut, or that I’d received an inferior product or service.  I received neither and can state unequivocally that Rick’s pricing stems from a desire to serve and earn your business, not retire on your dime.

I recommend, without hesitation, that anyone looking for roof, window, siding, trim, or gutter replacement services contact Rick at Tom Hanger Home Improvement without delay.  Feel free to compare him to his competition, but you will likely find it the same waste of time I did.  Once you’ve met Rick, everyone else just looks ordinary.

Kit Havey
Fairfax Station, VA

Replaced windows, doors, plank siding, trim, and gutters - including repair of original construction where found needed.  
5.5 stars out of five...absolute superb workmanship, materials, installation, and finishing - new Marvin Integrity windows & doors, complete re-siding with HardiePlank over new plywood sheathing with final HardiePlank trim throughout.  We could not have asked for more -- and in fact got more than we knew to ask for.   Rick Hylton and his crew were total professionals. In late August after meeting with five different contractors to discuss long-needed replacement of siding & windows on our 40-year old home, we settled on Tom Hanger Home Improvement with Rick Hylton.  Rick immediately impressed us while explaining everything involved, and met with us on multiple occasions to nail down the options for exactly what we wanted when replacing the original squirrel-infested cedar siding, the old stuck single-pane windows and the needed doors.  Rick provided an incredible team to install those windows/doors, custom-fit the new siding over new plywood sheathing protected by E-wrap, and finally install the needed Leaf-Relief gutter system.  Where Rick found original construction problems (as in no backing AT ALL behind portions of the original siding), he fixed them.  Where there were savings to be made he consulted with us and offset other costs.   Everything was timed like clockwork: windows & doors first, siding & trim second, gutters third.  No downtime at all. Working with Rick has been a personal and professional pleasure.  I pay him my highest compliment when stating that he & his team have been men of integrity. We highly recommend Rick Hylton/Tom Hanger Home Improvement to anyone needing what such men  bring to the table.

Elyse Schoenig
Reston, VA

Removed two old windows and installed two new windows.  Ricks came out to give us an estimate.  he answered all our questions and educated us on the process.  There are not many, except big box stores (we interviewed two) that will do small jobs.  Our job had a few quirks (replacing a sill that had rotted) and the big box stoes were unable/unwilling to accommodate us.  The installer called to keep us informed on his arrival time.  He was very experienced and completed the job quickly and cleaned up after.  We are very pleased.

Ronnie Brown
Manassas, VA

Review:  Fantastic job. Punctual, communicative, and professional people that put "good work" over "fastest work" every time. This is our second dealing with them.

Our 1950 house is brick, but the two porches were enclosed and a tool shed was built some time after the initial construction. All three of the upgrades were sided using old compboard siding. The storm windows and doors on both porches are just were just as aged as the siding. I contacted Tom Hanger Home Improvement early in October to request an estimate for replacing the siding and windows on the porches, and the siding on the shed. The estimate was provided along with an estimated job completion time of one day (with a potential for spillover into a second day), and notification that, since we were going to order storm windows which aren't commonly used anymore, that he would need additional lead-time from time-of-order until delivery.

After about a week, we scheduled Rick to come out so we could sign the estimate and provide the down-payment; while he was out here, he let us know that his main window supplier had just placed a good Energy Star replacement window on sale which, while still somewhat more expensive than the storm windows we'd requested as 1:1 replacements, would keep the door open for us to convert those porches into actual rooms in the future, and he gave us a no-pressure couple of days to think about it since his next order wouldn't go in for a few days anyhow, so we were free to change our minds in either direction until the order went in. We pondered the options and decided to follow the advice for the upgrade since it does make the best sense for our plans for the house over the next few years.

On Monday, 01 November, I got the call from Rick that the windows and siding were in, the weather report for the next few days was good, and that they wanted to start on Tuesday if we could support it. We green lighted it and his crew was here the next morning around 0800. I returned home early, around 3PM, specifically because I wanted to see what was going on. The crew was hard at work and immediately engaged me to show me what was going on. The short of it is that they had discovered a few areas of significant water damage caused by the old windows and siding not having been installed or sealed correctly and were taking the time to correctly repair and replace studs and window-sill areas that were rotted, all at no additional cost to me.

Due to the complications and the additional time it took them to do what was best for my house, they ended up working two long days and about half of a third to complete all the work, but it was all done right and didn't cost me an additional penny. Rick then came out to meet me again today, 05 November, to go over all the work, ensure we were happy with everything, and to provide advice on how to repair something that they found but was well outside of the scope of what they were equipped to do, along with an offer to come out himself at no cost to show us how to fix it correctly when we get around to it. Also, since we didn't have them replace the three old windows on our shed (as it's just a tool shed), he also volunteered that the next time that he ends up with a few new windows that don't correctly fit the project they'd been ordered for correctly but would fit our shed, he'd send a crew out to throw them on our shed for us at, again, no cost to us.

These guys are really hard to beat and I can't recommend them enough. It's not often that you find a vendor that really does put "you" first.

Rob Mayville
Manassas, VA

Review:  We were delighted to see the quality work that was done by this company. They were very efficient, ensured all the windows were installed correctly, and cleaned up very well. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an outstanding contractor to install windows or for any general maintenance work. We will use them again.

Judith Scheuble
Marshall, VA
We had been planning this addition for four to five years and knew that the prime contractor was going to require skilled tradesmen to match our expectations. As part of that team Tom Hanger provided upfront information on the type of materials, assisted in color schemes, gave advice on where we might run into issues and brought years of experience to the project. Because the project involved four separate buildings, each of them required slightly different planning and layout. Each of the efforts was given the same level of attention and detail. The projects included doubling the size of the original home, building anew multi-car garage, re-siding a portion of an old garage as well as completely rebuilding a small barn. From start to finish on each of the projects Tom Hanger was able to meet all the schedules, tie together the various projects to help create the desired outcome. We were very satisfied with all aspects of the team's performance from design to clean up.
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